5 Important Figures in America Turns Out to Have a Gambling Hobby

Some time later the American community was shocked by the statement of a former president, Barrack Obama, who admitted he had been plunged into illegal gambling games. Yes, you don’t really know who Obama is, after all you can’t aspire to see an Obama guarded by PASPAMPRES to drain time in Las Vegas. Even if Obama knew, he could easily play online poker without having to follow illegal gambling.

In any case, it turns out that Obama is not alone. Some previous American presidents had a long history of gambling and they really enjoyed it. The following is the experience of gambling a number of people who have served as American presidents.

1. Billiard Room in Monticello

The dome-like room above the location of Thomas Jefferson’s residence was a subject that was controversial for all historians. This place is better known as billiard room because the argument is quite simple, there are not a few billiard tables in it. However, there was a debate between one of the historians if this room was indeed built to play illegal billiards or merely an observatory room.

2. Gambling in the White House

It is difficult to find detailed explanations of card games that Harding often plays, perhaps because no one wants to spend time recording Warren Warren Harding, among the presidents who are very ineffective at office. Harding knew he was a president who was not useful and preferred to drain his time playing poker and drinking hard with friends at his job as a president.

3. Poker games at the Obama House

Before he became president, Barack Obama was a new senator in the fairly intelligent state of Illinois. At that time, Obama did not have enough political influence and no business friends could be contacted to solve a number of things. The solution? Poker game in the senator’s young basement Terry Link, where all people like politicians and constituents can get to know each other at a party.

The funny thing is that each President can give online poker a try, but the environment and the ‘feeling’ of poker table cannot change right away. However some of the best agen poker terpercaya also provide a live poker with a live dealer to accommodate that lack.

4. Defeat Poker Eisenhower

President Dwight D. Eisenhower was one of the top poker players in the study room of one of the presidents who loved playing poker. Spend the victory money to buy his new military uniform and his wife’s use.

While at Fort Meade, Maryland, Eisenhower played in a game held 2 times a week with Colonel George Patton which should only be followed by men who were not married and would not be too troubled when they lost money in gambling.

The colonel lost a number of times with the greatest amount for Eisenhower and had to fulfill all of his debts using payment around the war that he and his wife had around this tube with difficulty.

Eisenhower felt bad about this atmosphere, so he conspired together with some of his playing partners to deliberately lose and reverse the money of the unlucky colonel.

5. George Washington’s Financial Records

President Washington is known for being serious, authoritative, disciplined, someone who is perceived as an individual who can change history, so maybe some people think that this one president will not probably be involved in criminal work like gambling. Even so, history speaks differently, even in his spare times Washington often relaxes and drains time to gamble.

This can be seen from his financial list, there is one exclusive section named ‘Cards & Other Play’ or other cards and games. He wrote the date, location, number of losers and wins in each gambling session he attended.