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The Battle of Ream Station

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Ream's Station

The battle of Ream's Station took place during the Petersburg Campaign and siege which stretched from the summer of 1864 into the spring of 1865.


GENERAL: I have the honor to report that I attacked the enemy this evening at 4 o'clock with the brigades of Davis and Walker, under Major-General Heth, the brigades of Colquitt, Clingman, and Mahone, under Major-General Mahone, and three batteries, under Colonel Pegram, and defeated him, capturing about 2,700 prisoners, including one brigadier-general. General Clingman wounded.

GENERAL: Colquitt's and Clingman's brigades in their advance through the thick undergrowth became so much scattered as to lose their organization. I was consequently compelled to order them to their original camps as a rallying point. Mahone's brigade was also ordered inside the lines. Heth's two brigades I have left occupying the ground they were to-day.

I have also directed General W. H. F. Lee to move at 3 o'clock in the morning down to the Davis house. We will then be in position to push them again in the morning if we can get more troops. The indications are that the enemy are leaving.

The blow struck them has been a very severe one, and I regretted my weakness prevented me from following it up as I would like to have done.

Respectfully, A. P. HILL, Lieutenant-General.

General BEAUREGARD, Commanding, &c.



August 31, 1864.

COLONEL: I have the honor to report the correct list of results in the fight of the 25th at Reams' Station:

Stand of colors 12; Pieces of artillery 9; Caissons 10; Prisoners 2,150; Stand of small-arms 3,100; Horses 32.

My own loss (cavalry, artillery, and infantry) 720

Very respectfully,

A. P. HILL, Lieutenant-General.

Col. W. H. TAYLOR, Assistant Adjutant-General.


August 26, 1864. (Via Petersburg.)

General A. P. Hill attacked the enemy in his intrenchments at Reams' Station yesterday evening, and at the second assault carried his entire line. Cooke's and MacRae's North Carolina brigades, under General Heth, and Lane's North Carolina brigade, of Wilcox's division, under General Conner, with Pegram's artillery, composed the assaulting column. One line of breast-works was carried by the cavalry under General Hampton with great gallantry, who contributed largely to the success of the day. Seven stand of colors, 2,000 prisoners, and 9 pieces of artillery are in our possession. The loss of the enemy in killed and wounded is reported to be heavy, ours relatively small.' Our profound gratitude is due to the Giver of all victory and our thanks to the brave men and officers engaged.

R. E. LEE.

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By an act approved June 23, 1874, Congress made an appropriation "to enable the Secretary of War to begin the publication of the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, both of the Union and Confederate Armies," and directed him "to have copied for the Public Printer all reports, letters, telegrams, and general orders not heretofore copied or printed, and properly arranged in chronological order." This compilation will be the first general publication of the military records of the war, and will embrace all official documents that can be obtained by the compiler, and that appear to be of any historical value.

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