Biography of General Carnot Posey

Mississippian Carnot Posey was a victim of the Third Corps debacle at Brandy Station and plain bad luck -- dying of a relatively minor leg wound because of infection.

carnot posey

Posey was born in Wilkinson County, Mississippi on August 5, 1818. He obtained a college education in Jackson, then studied law at the University of Virginia. Returning to Mississippi, he spent some time as a planter and then practiced law in Woodville. Posey served in the Mexican War as a 1st lieutenant in the Mississippi Rifles. He was slightly wounded at the battle of Buena Vista.

After the War, President Buchanan appointed him district attorney for the southern district of Mississippi. He held this position until 1861, when he recruited a company called the Wilkinson Rifles. He was soon after elected colonel of the 16th Mississippi.

Posey fought with the 16th Mississippi at Corinth in June 1861. He subsequently fought at First Manassas, Ball's Bluff, and in all the campaigns of the Army of Northern Virginia. He was wounded during Jackson's Valley Campaign at the battle of Cross Keys on June 8, 1862.

Posey's good service was rewarded on November 1, 1862 with a promotion to brigadier general.

Posey's brigade became a part of R.H. Anderson's division and hence part of the Third Corps. At Bristoe Station, October 14, 1863, while commanding his brigade, Posey suffered a relatively minor thigh wound from a shell fragment. Unfortunately, infection set in. Posey fought the infection for almost a month, but eventually succumbed to it, dying in the home of a friend, Dr. Davis, on November 13, 1863.

Posey was buried on the grounds of the University of Virginia where he had studied law before the War.

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