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Mine Run

This is the main page for the autumn 1863 campaign known as "Mine Run" between the Army of the Potomac and Army of Northern Virginia.

THIRD ARMY CORPS. Lieut. Gen. A. P. Hill.


Maj. Gen. R. H. ANDERSON.

Posey's Brigade.

12th Mississippi

16th Mississippi

19th Mississippi

48th Mississippi

Wilcox's Brigade

8th Alabama

9th Alabama

10th Alabama

11th Alabama

14th Alabama

Wright's Brigade.

3d Georgia

22d Georgia

48th Georgia

2d GA Battalion

Mahone's Brigade.

6th Virginia

12th Virginia

16th Virginia

41st Virginia

61st Virginia

Perry's Brigade.

2d Florida

5th Florida

8th Florida



Davis' Brigade.

2d Mississippi 11th Mississippi

42d Mississippi

55th North Carolina

Archer's Brigade.

5th AL Battalion

13th Alabama

1st Tennessee

7th Tennessee

14th Tennessee

Walker's Brigade.

40th Virginia

47th Virginia

55th Virginia

22d VA Battalion

Kirkland's Brigade.

11th North Carolina

26th North Carolina

44th North Carolina

47th North Carolina

52d North Carolina

Cooke's Brigade.

15th North Carolina

27th North Carolina

46th North Carolina

48th North Carolina


Maj. Gen. C. M. WILCOX.

Lane's Brigade.

7th North Carolina

18th North Carolina

28th North Carolina

33d North Carolina

37th North Carolina

Thomas' Brigade.

14th Georgia

35th Georgia

45th Georgia

49th Georgia

McGowan' s Brigade.

1st South Carolina

12th South Carolina

13th South Carolina

14th South Carolina

Orr's Rifles

Scales' Brigade

13th North Carolina

16th North Carolina

22d North Carolina

34th North Carolina

38th North Carolina


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