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The And Then A.P. Hill Came Up website library contains a large collection of materials that may not be directly related to A.P. Hill, but are considered important to his story.

Designed both for the casual Civil War buff visitor and the more serious researcher seeking primary source information about topics relating to the General, the And Then A.P. Hill Came Up research library contains a very large hodgepodge collection of primary source and other supplemental materials relevant to A.P. Hill's career and life.

Included here, for example, are biographies of some of his officers and staff, as well as detailed accounts from the War and particular battles in which Hill participated. There is also information here about his commands, including a few unit histories, as well. Plus, I have included a list of valuable books and a collection of external history links for you to explore too. You can use the links below to delve into this large section of the site.


Battle Accounts and Reports

After-Action Reports Index

General Accounts


Dramatis Personae

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