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Pender and Wilcox's Division (The Light Division)

The following officers from the Light Division are known to have died on Johnston's Island and are buried here. Some of these officers are believed to have belonged to regiments in the Third Corps; a few I am not sure whether the units given actually match. If there is no thumbnail picture, I do not have a photograph of that officer's headstone yet. If you find any mistakes or additions, please let me know by using the web site's contact form. Please feel free to click on the thumbnail to view a larger image.

The highest ranking of all of Hill's officers to be held at Johnston's Island was Brig. General James Jay Archer, of the old Light Division, but then assigned to Heth. Archer's health was broken by his time in prison and he died not long after his exchange in the autumn of 1864.

(I'd love some biographical information on these men. If you have any, please email me and let me know so I can make the record more complete. I will of course credit you as the source of the information.)

Captain C.M. Tuggle - Company H, 35th Georgia Infantry (Thomas's Brigade). Died Nov. 6, 1863.

Lieutenant W.P. Norton, Company D, 22nd North Carolina Infantry (Scale's Brigade). Died Sept. 4, 1865.

1st Lieutenant J.M. Henken, Company K, 12th South Carolina Infantry (Perrin's / McGowan's Brigade). Died Oct. 9, 1863.

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