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A question settled by violence, or in disregard of law, must remain unsettled forever. - Jefferson Davis.
The War
The War Section explores, in detail, A.P. Hill's career in the Army of Northern Virgnia during the 1861-1865 War Between the States. Mostly consisting of material written by the webmistress, this section explores such topics as A.P. Hill's feuds with Jackson and Longstreet, his commands (especially the Third Corps and the Light Division), and finally his death.

The section also contains a look at some of the theories about A.P. Hill's illness and also contains an in-depth treatment in the form of a narrative that covers A.P. Hill's War Between the States career and his role in various battles. For primary source information, please see the archives section.

Featured Page in the War Section
A.P. Hill's Feuds with Longstreet and Jackson

If you ever wondered why Lee went gray, this may be why. Powell managed to feud with both Longstreet and Jackson; this is the entry way to information about the feuds. Includes information from the official records about the feud with Jackson and excerpts from the newspapers that led to a feud between Hill and Longstreet. These feuds were amongst the ugliest in the Army of Northern Virginia, leading Hill to challenge Longstreet to a duel and to months of dispute with Stonewall Jackson.

Other Pages:

The Narrative
An indepth treatment of A.P. Hill in the War Between the States. Multiple pages, foot-noted. Contains a large amount of quotes.
A.P. Hill's two main commands in the War Between the States: The Light Division and the Third Army Corps, Army of Northern Virginia.
A.P. Hill's Health
It has perplexed Civil War students: What WAS wrong with A.P. Hill? Sadly undermining A.P. Hill's career as a corps commander in the last years of the War Between the States was very poor health. Images of Hill post- his promotion to corps command show a marked deterioration that one author suggested looked like the deterioration one saw in a patient with consumption. This page features some of the various theories that have been put forth on the reason for Hill's declining health. This page includes each of the major theories put forth by authors on why Hill suffered so many illnesses during the Civil War as well as his major medical "history" as gleaned from Welsh's "Medical Histories of Confederate Generals."
Death of A.P. Hill
A collection of materials on A.P. Hill, including a narrative by the webmistress, primary source accounts by witnesses, and details of A.P. Hill's last ride including a map.

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