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Web Site Policies

This page explains various policies in regard to the web site including information on copyrights, use of materials contained in this web site, the site's privacy policy, and a basic information disclaimer. You can use these links to navigate your way through this page to the information you want or you can simply read the entire page itself.


I have broken down the copyright information into four major categories: content, images/graphics, photographs, and coding/HTML/design work.


By content I refer to the written, text materials found in this web site. Information in this web site that was written by the webmistress was drawn from a variety of published resources on the War Between the States, including biographies of A.P. Hill. Where possible, I have tried to footnote where the information came from, though I am still in the process of adding footnotes to certain sections and pages. Obviously, I owe a heavy debt of gratitude to James Robertson, William Hassler, and Martin Schenck -- their books not only provided the basis of the information I based my site on, but they also were quite responsible for making me an "A.P. Hill fan." For a nearly complete list of works used in the creation of this web site, please see the books and bibliography page. This site also contains materials believed to be in the public domain. These include official reports of the War, accounts from the Southern Historical Society Papers, and assorted letters. No copyright is claimed to these materials and they are presented for the educational purpose of informing more people about the life and career of Ambrose Powell Hill. I have left spelling and grammar in tact as found in the original source. If in doubt as to whether something is mine or considered public domain, please ask.


Web images and graphics, including the flags and headers as well as incidental graphics such as bars, icons, etc., unless otherwise noted on the page on which the graphic is found, were created by the webmistress for use on this site in Adobe Photo Shop or using Paint Shop Pro. Awards received by the site retain the respected copyrights of the owners.


There are two types of photographs on this web site: "period" photographs (i.e. dating to the 1860s period) and "modern" photographs.

"Period" photographs are assumed in the public domain; they are all well over 100 years old now. Where possible, I have attempted to credit where the original photograph came from. Many of the photographs have had a tint applied to them using Adobe Photo Shop. These photographs include pictures of A.P. Hill, battlefields, and other locations. "Modern" photographs were taken by the webmistress over the course of 1996 through 2003. A few modern photographs were not taken by the webmistress and are used with the express permission of the photographer. These include the North Carolina at Gettysburg image on the front page, which was taken by Andy Ward and the photograph of the Pry House at Sharpsburg, also on the front page, which was taken by John Dixon.


The unique combination of HTML that makes up a web site is protected by copyright. The design, HTML, and coding of And Then A.P. Hill Came Up is protected by the copyright laws of the United States. Coding was done using AOLPress and Notepad. Scripts used on this site that belong to persons other than the webmistress retain their respective copyrights in the coding, per the directions of their authors and the sites that offer these scripts to the public. Scripts have been used from script archives located at: Dynamic Drive, Simply the Best, & Web Site Abstraction.

Site Privacy Policy

The site collects certain information through four major means: guestbook, message board / forum, email form, and counter / site stats. By contacting And Then A.P. Hill Came Up in any way you certify that you are at least 13 years of age or older or have parental permission to contact the web site.

A message board or message forum is a place where people can come and discuss various topics. The message board used on this site was created using Discus software. The message board uses a cookie to store log-in data. You should assume and know that all information posted to the message board can be viewed by the general public. The message board is hosted on-site and the files are stored on my server.

The email form used by this site transmits information through the web site server via a CGI script. It is not hosted by any company and is stored on my own site. Email forms are used for ease of contact for such things as questions about the site, requests for a link, or other related matters. All information sent via email will be deemed private. Information will not be sold, offered to, or otherwise given out to third parties.

The counter and site stats collect non-specific user data including browser, country of origin (where you accessed the site from), operating system, internet service provider, screen resolution, and how you found this web site. This information is used when considering updates to the design and content of this web site.

General Site Disclaimer

Information presented here is for personal, educational use and is provided on an as-is basis. This site is intended to provide both accurate and authoritative information about the life and career of General A.P. Hill, and a reasonable effort has been made to verify the accuracy of the information provided. No responsibility is assumed, however, on the part of the webmistress that the information is complete or accurate. Choices have been made where the evidence conflicts or where there are two or more conflicting stories of an event. History, as Allan Nevins, is like a painting, not a photograph. We don't know for certain what exactly happened because none of us were actually there and eyewitness accounts often vary significantly. You are encouraged very strongly to go back to the original sources and check things out for yourself. The user of this web site assumes all risk associated with the use of both the web site itself and materials contained herein.

Even as law student, I admit to being befuddled by copyright laws. Copyright laws are complicated, murky, and complex. Use of all materials on this site is done under "fair use;" the site is not for profit and not commercial. To my knowledge I am not violating anyone's copyright, but if I am convinced a violation has occurred, I will of course remove the offending materials. Anyone using materials on this site is responsible for making their own inquiry into whether their use is ok, even for materials assumed to be in the public domain. I assume no responsibility for information borrowed from this site.


Because I built this as an educational archive and believe in the free exchange of information on the internet, you may freely quote and use materials found in this site in reports or other educational endeavors. If you need a credit line, then look here: how to cite this web site. You may not use more than 7 lines of text on these pages for other web sites, however, without express written permission. A proper credit must be given if you quote this web site on another web site, such as a link back to this site on the page you use my text on (email me for information if you are unsure what a proper credit should look like). You are of course free to "take" public domain materials, but the onus is on you to make sure what you are using is actually in the public domain -- I assume no responsibility for stuff you take. Modern photographs, graphics, and coding/design of this site may not be used without my express written permission to do so. I give permission pretty freely; all you need to do is explain exactly what you want, why you want it, what you are going to use it for.

You may freely link to And Then A.P. Hill Came Up, of course. I do request that you use the URL and the title And Then A.P. Hill Came Up (or something to that effect). If you would like to link to an internal page, you may, but please also include a link to the homepage as well -- I may move pages around at any time as the fancy strikes me.

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