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Order of Battle
These reports were taken from the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion. All of them were written by A.P. Hill sometime after the actual battle occurred. These reports are a good way to see the war through Hill's own eyes. These are copied from the CD-Rom edition published by Guild Press of Indiana. One nice thing you will see in Hill's writing is his literary background shines through. These reports will open into their own text table which you may find at the bottom of the page a link back here where you may select another report to read.

Alternately, you can jump to one of the other major portions of the site if you would prefer to do so. The reports are fully in tact with the exception of the casualty reports which may be added at a later date if there is enough interest in them.

As it has been asked as a question now a few times, to my knowledge A.P. Hill never wrote a Wilderness campaign report. With the constant campaigning that took place in the spring of 1864 and Hill's illness after the battle, I doubt he had the time to write a report. I could not locate a copy of A.P. Hill's report about the Wilderness in the O.R.'s.

(The one report not presented here is the Romney Campaign. Hill did not have much of a role in that campaign and his report is not very exciting or particularly interesting. If I get enough requests, however, I may add that report here as well)

Spelling, grammar, and capitalization in these reports are as they were in the original volumes.

A.P. Hill "HQ" Cannon at Gettysburg on Seminary Ridge.

The Reports:

Realizing that you may be here doing some sort of research, I have created copies of the reports on a plain white background with black text. These are printer friendly versions (you should find a java script button that allows you to hit a button to print the page in newer browsers).

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