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"I am desirous that the bravery and devotion of the Army of Northern Virginia be correctly transmitted to posterity. This is the only tribute that can now be paid to the worth of its noble officers and soldiers." ... General Robert E. Lee


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"And Then A.P. Hill Came Up - A.P. Hill Confederate General" is an online archive of information related to the life and career of Lieutenant General Ambrose Powell Hill, CSA (1825-1865).

A.P. Hill was one of Robert E. Lee's chief lieutenants during the War Between the States. The site takes it's name from the dying words of Robert E. Lee himself: "Tell A.P. Hill he must come up!" -- words which harkened back to a bloody day at Sharpsburg along the banks of the Antietam Creek where the fate of the entire Army of Northern Virginia and probably the Confederacy itself rested upon the speed of fiery "Little Powell" and his famous "Light Division."
Vastly overshadowed by the Virginia triumvirate of Lee, Jackson, and Stuart, practically forgotten by mainstream history and relegated to basically footnote status, even to students of the Civil War, A.P. Hill is something of an enigmatic, nebulous figure. He did not own slaves; in fact, he felt the South's peculiar insitution "wicked." Brave to a fault, honest, and filled with an aggressive, impetuous fire, Hill was possibly the finest division commander in the Army of Northern Virginia. Yet, he struggled with command of a corps. Even so, in the twilight of the Confederacy, he was constantly relied upon by Lee as a troubleshooter and he commanded the most important portions of the Petersburg defense.

Although feuds with both Longstreet and Jackson have resulted in his being labeled "prickly" or "too sensitive," Hill never feuded with the officers under his command.

He was of such slight build that his friends and the President called him "Little Powell." What he lacked in stature, he made up for in heart. Despite cruel illness, he remained faithfully at Lee's side, serving in nearly every major engagement with the exception of Spotsylvania. Hill died with his unexpired sick leave in his pocket just a week before the surrender at Appomattox. No wonder that when Lee died he called out for his loyal and brave lieutenant.

This is the story of A.P. Hill -- the man both Lee and Jackson called for when dying, the man who possessed a sense of pride and temper worthy of mighty Achilles, the soldier, the man, the father, the husband, the complicated and enigmatic figure. The result of over four years of work, the site contains hundreds of pages of A.P. Hill information as well as primary sources, photographs, and more. Official reports, battle maps, accounts from the Southern Historical Society Papers, and information written by the webmistress make this site the internet's largest place for information on A.P. Hill. Please take your time and explore. A.P. Hill is a fascinating figure, worthy of, as James Robertson put it, representing "the Southern Confederacy: its enthusiasm, its pride, its incongruity, its sacrifice."


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"It was an era of storms and lightning, of fierce passions, of tidal movements, of men and ideas, of rascality and debasement, of integrity, heroism, and devotion. Senate, factory, farm, and market; pine-clad mountain, sagebrush plain, fertile prairie, and burning cotton field; millhand, farmer, preacher, rancher, clerk, sailor -- all felt a surge as of the sea ... No volume, no series of volumes can do justice to the tremendous story of effort, devotion, and valor North and South ..." Allan Nevins

And Then A.P. Hilll Came Up was first published to the web on May 14, 1999. It is updated on a fairly regular basis, most often in the summer. The site is the internet's largest archive of information on Ambrose Powell Hill. The site was written by a student, and it is not sponsored or affiliated with any company or organization.

The site was designed to be easily navigated and surfed. Information is presented in the form of articles and the site is organized around five main hub pages -- an intro section, the man, the war, the site archives and research, and the "other" section which contains a variety of basic web site information. Hub pages can be accessed from the main pages through the images at the top underneath the site's banner. Hub pages can also be found at the bottom of each page as text links. Generally, navigation should be self explanatory. If in doubt, you can always search the site.

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