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"Duty is the sublimest word in our language. Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. You should never wish to do less." - Robert E. Lee

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A.P. Hill: The Man is a section devoted to A.P. Hill's life in general. Most of the information in this section is not related to the War Between the States, though some sections, such as the FAQ, obviously touch upon the War Between the States in some depth. Information included is varied and features include A.P. Hill's pre-war love affair with Miss Nelly, his pre-war career in general including letters he wrote, photographs of the general (mostly in Confederate uniform), and a page dedicated to his family, especially his wife Dolly.

If you are looking for more information on A.P. Hill in the War Between the States, check out the FAQ page, or visit the special section of the site dedicated to the War itself.

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Frequently Asked Questions About A.P. Hill

A web site favorite and one of the most popular sections of the entire web site. Everything you probably ever want to know about Hill and then some. Was he as hot-headed as he is reported to be? What was his horse named? What happened to his horses? What were his views on slavery? If you don't see your question, you may wish to contact the webmaster and ask it. Contains information about A.P. Hill biographically and also some War stuff. There is also a page of assorted general questions about the Civil War too that may be of interest.

Other Pages:

The Accomplished Lady of our Colonel: Family
Mostly dedicated to Dolly Morgan Hill, Powell Hill's wife, this section features information about A.P. Hill's wife and daughters. There is also a very small section included at the end on Powell's immediate family.

Antebellum Career
A brief description of A.P. Hill's career pre-war. Some excerpts from a few letters on different topics that Hill wrote before the Civil War are also included in this section.

Love is as "Necessary as Dinner"
Interestingly, Hill and his classmate George McClellan both sought the hand of the same girl, who eventually chose McClellan leading to the famous utterance of one of his soldier's during the Seven Days battles: "My God Nelly, why didn't you marry him!"

A.P. Hill photographs that date from 1859 to the end of his life. Large and gallery style, with some text accompaniment. Photographs are large enough to be printed or used for reports if so desired. Photographs are available on this page in thumbnails, linked to the larger image.

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