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Gregg's South Carolina Brigade

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But there is a last reason for a history of those times, and, I confess, it is the principal one which has moved me to this undertaking. Valor, and fortitude, and devotion are things whose claims to admiration civilized and savage men equally admit. There need be no discussion on the causes which called them into action; they are intrinsically noble, and worthy of the most ardent applause and emulation. If they be our friends and co-workers who exercise them, certainly our feeling becomes more intimate and tender; but brave and honest men never hesitate to accord the highest commendation to those very enemies to whom they have dealt and from whom they have received the heaviest blows. These heroic qualities I feel confident clearly to exhibit in the soldiers of the old brigade. - From THE HISTORY OF A BRIGADE OF SOUTH CAROLINIANS by J. F. J. CALDWELL.

About the Brigade: An elite unit in the Army of Northern Virginia, this brigade that belonged principally to Generals Maxcy Gregg and Samuel McGowan was also commanded at Gettysburg by Colonel (later General) Abner Perrin.

Image of General Maxcy Gregg, first commander of the brigade

An original brigade of A.P. Hill's Light Division, it fought from the Seven Days until Appomattox. It consisted of the 1st South Carolina (Provisional), 1st South Carolina (Rifles), and the 12th, 13th, and 14th Infantry Regiments.

1st South Carolina (Provisional)

  • Col. William H. Duncan (08/22/35-12/14/89)
  • Of Barnwell.
  • Col. Thomas J. Glover
  • Maj. George Martin Grimes (?-10/1/64)
  • Of Bamberg; wded at Wilderness; mortally wded at Fort Harrison
  • Col. Johnson Hagood
  • Col. James R. Hagood
  • Col. Franklin W. Kilpatrick
  • Lt. Col. Benjamin Brown Kirkland (?-?)
  • From Buford's Bridge; planter post-war in Barnwell.
  • Lt. Col. Daniel Livingston (11/17/27-10/28/81)
  • Of North Orangeburg; wded at 2d Manassas & Sharpsburg
  • Maj. Watson A. O'Cain (?-?)

1st South Carolina Rifles ("Orr's Rifles")

12th South Carolina

13th South Carolina

14th South Carolina

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