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This is the main page for the July 1-3, 1863 battle of Gettysburg during Lee's second invasion of the North.



Wilcox's Brigade. :: Brig. Gen. CADMUS M. WILCOX.

8th Alabama, :: Lieut. Col. Hilary A. Herbert. :: 9th Alabama, :: Capt. J. H. King. :: 10th Alabama: :: Col. William H. Forney. :: Lieut. Col. James E. Shelley. :: 11th Alabama: :: Col. J. C. C. Sanders. :: Lieut. Col. George E. Tayloe. :: 14th Alabama: :: Col. L. Pinckard. :: Lieut. Col. James A. Broome.

Mahone's Brigade. :: Brig. Gen. WILLIAM MAHONE.

6th Virginia, :: Col. George T. Rogers. :: 12th Virginia, :: Col. D. A. Weisiger. :: 16th Virginia, :: Col. Joseph H. Ham. :: 41st Virginia, :: Col. William A. Parham. :: 61st Virginia, :: Col. V. D. Groner.

Wright' s Brigade. :: Brig. Gen. A. R. WRIGHT :: Col. WILLIAM GIBSON. :: Brig. Gen. A. R. WRIGHT.

3d Georgia, :: Col. E. J. Walker. :: 22d Georgia: :: Col. Joseph Wasden. :: Capt. B.C. McCurry. :: 48th Georgia: :: Col. William Gibson. :: Capt. M. R. Hall. :: Col. William Gibson. :: 2d Georgia Battalion: :: Maj. George W. Ross. :: Capt. Charles J. Moffett.

Perry's Brigade. :: Col. DAVID LANG.

2d Florida, :: Maj. W. R. Moore. :: 5th Florida, :: Capt. R. N. Gardner. :: 8th Florida, :: Col. David Lang.

Posey' s Brigade. :: Brig. Gen. CARNOT POSEY.

12th Mississippi, :: Col. W. H. Taylor. :: 16th Mississippi, :: Col. Samuel E. Baker. :: 19th Mississippi, :: Col. N.H. Harris. :: 48th Mississippi, :: Col. Joseph M. Jayne.

Artillery (Sumter Battalion). :: Maj. JOHN LANE.

Company A, :: Capt. Hugh M. Ross. :: Company B, Capt. :: George M. Patterson. :: Company C, :: Capt. John T. Wingfield.  


First Brigade. :: Brig. Gen. J. J. PETTIGREW. :: Col. J. K. MARSHALL.

11th North Carolina, :: Col. Collett Leventhorpe. :: 26th North Carolina: :: Col. Henry K. Burgwyn, jr. :: Capt. H. C. Albright. :: 47th North Carolina, :: Col. G. H. Faribault. :: 52d North Carolina: :: Col. J. K. Marshall. :: Lieut. Col. Marcus A. Parks.

Second Brigade. :: Col. J. M. BROCKENBROUGH.

40th Virginia: :: Capt. T. E. Betts. :: Capt. R. B. Davis. :: 47th Virginia, :: Col. Robert M. Mayo. :: 55th Virginia, :: Col. W. S. Christian. :: 22d Virginia Battalion, :: Maj. John S. Bowles.

Third Brigade. :: Brig. Gen. JAMES J. ARCHER. :: Col. B. D. FRY. :: Lieut. Col. S. G. SHEPARD.

13th Alabama, :: Col. B. D. Fry. :: 5th Alabama Battalion, :: Maj. A. S. Van de Graaff. :: 1st Tennessee (Provisional Army), :: Maj. Felix G. Buchanan. :: 7th Tennessee, :: Lieut. Col. S. G. Shepard. :: 14th Tennessee, :: Capt. B. L. Phillips.

Fourth Brigade. :: Brig. Gen. JOSEPH R. DAVIS.

2d Mississippi, :: Col. J. M. Stone. :: 11th Mississippi, :: Col. F. M. Green. :: 42d Mississippi, :: Col. H. R, Miller, :: 55th North Carolina, :: Col. J. K. Connally.

Artillery. :: Lieut. Col. JOHN J. GARNETT.

Donaldsonville (Louisiana) Artillery, :: Capt. V. Maurin. :: Huger (Virginia) Artillery, :: Capt. Joseph D. Moore. :: Lewis (Virginia) Artillery, :: Capt. John W. Lewis. :: Norfolk Light Artillery Blues, :: Capt. C. R. Grandy.

PENDER'S DIVISION. :: Maj. Gen. WILLIAM D. PENDER, :: Brig. Gen. JAMES H. LINE. :: Maj. Gen. I. R. TRIMBLE, :: Brig. Gen. JAMES H. LINE.

First Brigade. :: Col. ABNER PERR1N.

1st South Carolina (Provisional Army), :: Maj. C. W. McCreary. :: 1st South Carolina Rifles, :: Capt. William M. Hadden. :: 12th South Carolina, :: Col. John L. Miller. :: 13th South Carolina, :: Lieut. Col. B. T. Brockman. :: 14th South Carolina, Lieut. :: Col. Joseph N. Brown.

Second Brigade. :: Brig. Gen. JAMES H. LANE. :: Col. C. M. AVERY.

7th North Carolina: :: Capt. J. McLeod Turner. :: Capt. James G. Harris. :: 18th North Carolina, :: Col. John D. Barry. :: 28th North Carolina: :: Col. S. D. Lowe. :: Lieut. Col. W. H. A. Speer. :: 33d North Carolina, :: Col. C. M. Avery. :: 37th North Carolina, :: Col. W. M. Barbour.  

Third Brigade.:: Brig. Gen. EDWARD L. THOMAS.

14th Georgia. :: 35th Georgia. :: 45th Georgia. :: 49th Georgia, :: Col. S. T. Player.

Fourth Brigade. :: Brig. Gen. A. M. SCALES. :: Lieut. Col. G. T. GORDON. :: Col. W. LEE J. LOWRANCE.

13th North Carolina: :: Col. J. H. Hyman. :: Lieut. Col. H. A. Rogers. :: 16th North Carolina, :: Capt. L.W. Stowe. :: 22d North Carolina, :: Col. James Conner. :: 34th North Carolina: :: Col. William Lee J. Lowrance. :: Lieut. Col. G. T. Gordon. :: 38th North Carohna: :: Col. W. J. Hoke. :: Lieut. Col. John Ashford.

Artillery. :: Maj. WILLIAM T. POAGUE.

Albemarle (Virginia) Artillery, :: Capt. James W. Wyatt. :: Charlotte (North Carolina) Artillery, :: Capt. Joseph Graham. :: Madison (Mississippi) Light Artillery, :: Capt. George Ward. :: Virginia Battery, :: Capt. J. V. Brooke.


McIntosh's Battalion. :: Maj. D.G. MCINTOSH.

Danville (Virginia) Artillery, :: Capt. R. S. Rice. :: Hardaway (Alabama) Artillery, :: Capt. W. B. Hurt. :: 2d Rockbridge (Virginia) Artillery, :: Lieut. Samuel Wallace.:: Virginia Battery, :: Capt. M. Johnson.

Pegram's Battalion. :: Maj. W. J. PEGRAM. :: Capt. E. B. BRUNSON.

Crenshaw (Virginia) Battery. :: Fredericksburg (Virginia) Artillery, :: Capt. E. A. Marye. :: Letcher (Virginia) Artillery, :: Capt. T. A. Brander. :: Pee Dee (South Carolina) Artillery, :: Lieut. William E. Zimmerman. :: Purcell (Virginia) Artillery, :: Capt. Joseph McGraw.


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