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No project is too big or too small. If you just want to put some personal pictures up on the web, we can do that. If you need a more full service web site, we can also do that too.

 Check out our prices. Dunky lets you pick what you want -- the site you want fits the budget you set.

Dunky Design Services

Dunky specializes in personal and small organization web sites. Whether you want to put some pictures up on the web, or create an online journal, or need a small web site for your club or organization, Dunky can help!

Dunky offers the following services:

  • Help and consultation for choosing an appropriate color and design for your needs.
  • HTML and CSS authoring.
  • Single and multiple page designs.
  • Graphic and logo designs.
  • Java scripts and CGI (such as email forms and message boards).
  • Photograph scanning and manipulation.
  • Writing of web site text and copy.
  • Authoring of an appropriate privacy or other policy.
  • Site maintance.
  • Help in registering your domain name or finding a web site host.

Please see our pricing page for more information on our services and costs.

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