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Here, Dunky Dunky!

As a one-person operation, Dunky can offer much more affordable prices as well as individualized attention. I only take on what I can handle, so your site will be executed speedily and with care!

Choose Dunky for the best designs under the seas!

About Dunky Designs

Dunky Designs is owned by Jenny Goellnitz. Dunky provides low-cost web site solutions to individuals and small companies looking to establish a web presence.

The site takes its name from a fish that lived almost 360 million years ago in the Cleveland, Ohio area, known as Dunkleosteus terrelli, affectionately known as simply "The Dunky."

Probably in the very spot where I now sit, about 400 million years ago, during the appropriately named, Age of Fishes, the Dunky ruled the Cleveland area which was then a warm Devonian sea (An amazing specimen was discovered about 4 miles from where I live in the shale of the Rocky River valley near Cleveland). DUNK!

As big as a school bus -- he was supposed to be between 16 and 30+ feet long -- he was one of the first animals on earth to have jaws. And what jaws! Dunky's massive jaws were self-sharpening and hailed him as the top predator of his day -- a sort of floating Tyranosaurs Rex that would devour anything that got in his way, including sharks. Dunky didn't need teeth -- his jaws were razor sharp. He also had little to worry about himself. Thought his body was made of cartilage, his massive, 2 feet plus long head was covered in bony plates. A jointed neck, scaleless body, and an eel like tail complete the portrait of this fascinating and aggressive predator.

Dunky's kind died out after 50 to 60 million years of dominance of the seas. The largest member of the Dinichtyhyidade family (the name meaning literally "Terrible Fishes"), Dunky could have easily swallowed a person whole.

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