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This is the life . . .

of a soldier so famous and well-known in an Army renowned for valor for bravery and tenacity that his name was the only one that lingered last upon the lips of both Lee and Jackson.

A.P. Hill may not be famous today, but during his time he was a household name as an important commander in Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. He earned his place in Southern and Confederate history at Sharpsburg where, after a 17-mile march, he arrived with his famous "Light Division" just in the nick of time to save Lee's Army. From that point on the, watchword of the Army was "And then A.P. Hill came up."

But there is a lot more to A.P. Hill's story than just his legendary march to save Lee's army at Sharpsburg on that bloody September afternoon. A.P. Hill was a very complicated and somewhat shadowy individual -- so much so that one author called him the "Mystery Man of the Confederacy. Couple this with the lack of material available on Hill, the mixed record he amassed as a commander, and his sometimes difficult personality, and its not much of a surprise that most Civil War buffs do not even know much about A.P. Hill.

This section of the site attempts to illuminate some of the dark shadows surrounding A.P. Hill -- the man, the soldier, and the legend. Here you will find a collection of biographies and articles about various aspects of his life.


Learn more about General A.P. Hill by exploring the collection of biographies housed at the site:

Assorted A.P. Hill Articles

In addition to the biographies above, the site also contains a large collection of articles on A.P. Hill and his life:

Essays and Recollections

A.P. Hill the Southern Legend

Where to go from here . . .

Why not start by exploring information about A.P. Hill's interesting life and career by either taking a look at the short encyclopedia-style biography of him or by delving into the extensive narrative biography.


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