A Third of Americans Are Afraid of A New Civil War

Until recently, the topic of his start was under an unofficial ban, now written by leading American media

According to a poll conducted in May, a Rasmussen Reports research organization, 31% of Americans looked at perhaps starting a civil war in the United States over the next five years, – the journalist noted online newspaper “Vzglyad” Victoria Nikiforov.

The author was surprised that, for the first time in a number of years, the theme of armed internal conflict breaking into the mass media – before that was an absolute taboo. The Civil War of 1861-1865 became a constitutive event of American history, to the extent that its repetition of horror was probably determined in American intelligence by almost all. Including things that from the side look silly. For example, political correctness is a reaction to the storm of the 1960s, when the country was on the verge of a real racial war.

“The Civil War is a giant dragon of American history, every time ready to wake up and burn us to the ground,” wrote among the eminent American historian David Blythe.

If at the beginning of the twentieth century the intellectual elite of the United States believed that the future civil clashes were of a class, in the 1960s it had captured the delusion of racial mass wars. The protests of thousands of black Americans, the struggle against segregation and terrorist work “Black Panthers” seem to plant the country in front of the real threat of black and white confrontation.

And only “Reaganomics” of the 1990s, with cheap loans and a broad social system of use, corrected the position of the colored lower learning space. However, the deep fear of the second civilian population, according to the authors, has not gone anywhere – it is merely pushed into the mainstream of information. There is serious research on this topic. For example, in 1997, military analyst Thomas Chittam tried to want how America could split the impact of the economic crisis. In his book The Second Civilian: The Coming Collapse of America, Chittam actually projected the Yugoslav conflict to a map of the United States and a crowded residential zone of colored minorities. From the model, that in the case of racial war, black Americans would seize all the southeastern United States and set up a capital city in New Orleans. The Mexicans will realize their reconquista, picking up California and all the southwest and fostering socialism there. And the white people will be pushed to the north and to the center of the country, where he will fight with black pockets.

The second civil war theme was validated in print only after the election of Donald Trump – Democrats was most disappointed with the election results, which violated the taboo itself. The first biting metaphor is introduced by a spokesman for the liberal society – the New Yorker magazine. After a dispute in Charlottesville and a scandal with the dismantling of a Confederate monument the left-wing press wrote that the “alt-right” risks incite the massacre of civilians. They, they say, armed and most dangerous, they must be stripped away and advised.

Alt-the right to object that the right of arms is sacred, and to influence the war only seeks the anti-fascist and anarchist forces, the left, who travel all across America to score and intimidate some of the great protrampovskoe.

But the “second civil” did not last as a metaphor. America began to actively discuss it could be real. An Egyptian Canadian journalist, Omar El Akkad, notes the novel “The Second Civil War in America”, which instantly enters the New York Times best-seller arrangement and receives the best possible discussion. In his book, he tried to want how color revolution technology, so successfully used by the US in all the world, could work in the American district itself. According to him, there are no specific obstacles to this.

In general, controversy in America when it is not about whether there will be a civil war, but merely about what will happen. As economic problems aggravate racial conflict, for unarmed armed unemployed youth confrontation is perhaps the only opportunity to find income. As Chittam writes: “By refusing to work on investing in American youth,” the government – ironically – sets up a troop that shaves its neck. ”

The urgent factor in the civil confrontation is the promise to be a criminal assemblage based on ethnicity. In 1994, they were looted around the riots in Los Angeles. In 2005, almost all of New Orleans, destroyed by hurricane Katrina, was under control. If there is a real war, they will control all the territory of the country.

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