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A.P. Hill's Officers

This section of the website contains biographies of A.P. Hill's field officers (majors, lieutenant colonels, colonels, and generals). The biographies are divided first by division, then by brigade, then by regiment. There are also biographies for artillery battalion commanders in this section as well. Some biographies contain pictures; others do not. Obviously, most of Hill's generals have fairly lengthy biographies while most of his colonels -- being more obscure -- do not. If an officer's name is an underlined hyperlink, he has an individual page biography. Unfortunately, I could not find very much information on some of A.P. Hill's officers; but I did try to at least include some information about as many of them as possible.

This section contains a massive amount of material on A.P. Hill's officers; it will take a long time to explore but it is hopefully organized so you can find your way around quickly if you know what you are looking for. It is dedicated to the officers and men of his command who gave his Light Division and Third Corps their well-earned reputation for hard-fighting.

The following resources were invaluable in creating this section:

  • Robert K. Krick's book, "Lee's Colonels." For many of A.P. Hill's officers, I could not find any information beyond what is contained in Krick's capsule histories.
  • Ezra Warner's book, "Generals in Gray." Most of the biographies of A.P. Hill's generals were researched from this work.
  • Biographical Guide to the US Congress. A very valuable resource for researching Hill's officers who served a term or two in Congress either before or after the War.
  • And, of course, the general internet and the many wonderful genealogical, regimental, and state archive sites on the web. Also extremely valuable to researching the Gregg/McGowan Brigade was J.F.J. Caldwell's delightful book "A History of a Brigade of South Carolinans..."

Please select a division to go to its index page. From the index page you can access the different brigades, regiments, and their officers.

Index of Divisions


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