240 Years Ago United Colonies of America Was Renamed The United States

September 9, 1776 Continental Congress approved the new American name – “United States of America” ​​(not the name “United Colonies”, adopted by Congress on June 7, 1775).

In the 1770s, Britain’s conflict with its colonies on the east coast of the Atlantic took an open form. In the spring of 1776, most American colonies chose independence from the mother country. In this case, a commission was formed to prepare the Declaration of Independence, and in July 1776 was adopted at the Continental Congress, the Calend.ru website reported.

The declaration announced the establishment of 13 new sovereign states on the Atlantic coast of North America. Initially, this was independent, unmerged in federal union countries – New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania.

The Declaration of Independence uses the name “United States” for the first time. It is believed that this was stated by Thomas Paine, a public and political figure from the United States and Great Britain. This is this form and the shorter one – “Country” – used in the Continental Congress protocol.

«US» abbreviations were found in the newspaper of George Washington in 1791, and the abbreviation «U.S.A.» first appeared in 1795. But for two years after the proclamation of independence, the name “United States of America North America” ​​was officially used; The word “North” was removed from the title by the decision of the Continental Congress in 1778.

The Continental Congress, held in 1777 in Philadelphia, adopted a resolution that established the shape of the American flag, which was 13 red and white lines and 13 – the first number of united colonies. Furthermore, it was decided to permanently leave the number of bands unchanged, and to respect each new country, add one more star, now 50.

Despite the fact that the US as a sovereign power was formed recently, the American region has a long background, reports VistaNews.ru. Historians inform that the first indigenous people came to America from the Asian continent about 50 thousand years ago, at a time when instead of Bering Strait there was a land linking two continents. Archaeologists provide artifacts found, whose age is determined in 14 thousand years, which proves the existence of people there.

The existence of America became famous thanks to Christopher Columbus, who in 1492 traveled to the West Indies, and also in 1943 personally landed on the island of Puerto Rico. After great sailors, his followers — John Cabot and Juan Ponce de Leon — came to the territory of the modern United States. American colonial history began with European researchers.

At the beginning of its independence, the United States consisted of 13 countries formed from the British colonies. After the Declaration of Independence was adopted, states were forced to double their rights to sovereignty, after entering military clashes with the British Empire. In 1783, according to the British agreed to formally recognize the independence of the United States, but until 1815 he still helped allied Indian tribes who rejected the American army. As the War of Independence ended, the US fell under expansion from the west, which was supported by American convictions in the explicit design of God’s predestination of existence in America in their country, which occupied the region from the Atlantic to the Pacific. In 1912, the main US territory was formed with the formation of the last state of Arizona. At that time, Alaska and Hawaii were already part of the United States, although they officially entered state status in 1959.

The text of the US Constitution, approved in 1788, is based on the Declaration of Independence of the United States. According to the document, the Supreme Court is the highest authority that supports constitutional law in the United States. Later, many amendments were made to the main law. One of them is an item on the prohibition of slavery and the right to elect women representatives. Amendments to the abolition of slavery have become a painful process that affects the interests of most Americans. This provoked state disintegration and civil war in 1861-1865, after which there was a Reconstruction period, which lasted for years. However, until the middle of the last century, racial segregation dominated the United States, despite the slavery ban.

After the end of the civil war, America experienced an economic recovery, an increase in living standards and a period of progression. It ended with the beginning of the Great Depression in 1929. A new stage in formation in the United States from a social state was an action taken by the authorities supporting citizens who suffered during the economic downturn in the country. American health was also contributed by military orders from the authorities, caused by the outbreak of World War II, and after the cold war. This has turned the United States into a world superpower.

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